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Welcome repair sofa Dubai We offer a full furniture repair upholstery/re-upholstery service for the home (sofas upholstery, chair repair, leather sofa repair, headboards upholstery, dining chairs upholstery etc.) and for boats furniture reupholstery, Hotel Sofa Upholstery and Reupholstery Services – Resorts Furniture Upholstery bars & restaurants, all types of couches upholstery services and Sofa Repair Dubai, Sofa Upholstery Dubai,, our services include outdoor furniture upholstery and sofa cushion foam replacement

sofa restoration & furniture repair services

We offer a comprehensive professional upholstery service in Dubai and all UAE– from new cores for sofa cushions in your choice of stuffing (feathers, Dacron, fiber, foam, etc. to loose covers, curtains, and even wall coverings. We offer a complete restoration and recovery service for all types of chairs. Re-upholstery means you can keep all the original features of your existing furniture such as the shape, full comfort, and new style but in a brand new fabric or leather or synthetic leather. Whatever type or age we can give your old furniture a new look and a new life. Sofa Repair Dubai, sofa upholstery and outdoor furniture upholstery.

leather sofa repair & chair repair

Rather than having to purchase something new as well there are many furniture items that also have sentimental value or that carry a special significance in our lives. Maybe the idea of even finding a sofa that will match with some of your decors could be difficult. Changing a sofa could mean changing your entire room and this can lead to even more expense.

With the help of sofa repair, nothing needs to change and you could restore a furniture item that you thought would be lost forever. Our sofa repair services can take on stains, rips, spring problems, woodworking issues and more. We can even handle the process of proper color blending and discreet stitching to complete patches and fixes that will enhance the look of your sofa without detracting from the overall quality and look.

Rather than being so quick to potentially throw out a furniture item, you should strongly consider the idea of sofa repair first. Contact our staff today if you are interested in getting some dramatic results with your furniture and upholstery repairs. We are available to help with repairs on anything from antiques to modern and contemporary sofa styles.

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